Custom metal manufacturing, metal tooling |

Custom metal manufacturing, metal tooling

By means of our qualified and experienced locksmiths, toolers, welders and other staff we are able to realize the custom manufacturing exactly according to the customer´s wishes. We lay stress on complex syntax of individual operations and we offer the final product with the aim of maximal customer´s satisfaction.

  • Metal tooling and locksmith activities
  • Manufacturing of spare parts for technological equipments used for treatment and sorting of mineral resources
  • Production and assembly of steel constructions, transport and pipeline systems
  • Production of spare parts and technological components
  • Welding TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA
  • Manual plasma cutting
  • Custom manufacturing of parts, components or complex equipments according to drawing documentation
  • Production of conical shifting
  • Production of parts for steel prefab tanks, silos and reservoirs
  • Production of steel constructions and weldments up to the weight of 5 tons
  • Perforating of steel profiles
  • Rolling of steel profiles
  • Chip machining
  • Material separation
  • Repairs and upkeep of technological equipments designed for treatment and sorting of mineral resources
  • Production of technological parts and spare parts for above mentioned equipment
  • CNC processing of steel plates from construction and stainless steel, from non-ferrous metals, eventually from other materials (plastics, sandwiches and so on)
  • Manufacturing and renewal of classifying screens, screen coatings and sorting machines for plants where treatment and sorting of mineral resources and secondary commodities take place
  • Repairs and upkeep of steel design for conveyor belts
  • Production of parts for air conditioning pipelines

A significant scope of our company activities is constructed of:

  • Steel elements and sheet metal parts intended for further proceeding
  • Sieves for grinding and sorting of coal, aggregate and other mineralogical materials
  • Sieves for grinding and sorting of secondary materials (plastics, rubber etc.)
  • Sieves for sorting, separating and filtration equipment in chemical and food-processing industry
  • Steel structural elements and constructions
  • Perforated sheet metal designed for building architecture and for interiors
  • Equipment for production of building materials (cement- and brickworks)
  • Sieves for sorting of agricultural products (e.g. for grinder)


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